This edition of the President’s message is a tough one to write because we are in the middle, maybe the end, maybe the beginning of a new wave of Covid 19 and not much is happening in Thunderbird Land.

A few of us in and around London have been getting together informally on a Wednesday night to talk about what’s happening in their personal lives and maybe about the Thunderbird news-----who’s purchased another TBird (Norm Smibert), who’s having problems getting a new set of tires (Ken Campbell), who’s having problems getting parts (Glenn Williams), who’s got a new paint job (Al Yull), how many parts have been restored and for sale (Mort White), and when will we see John Horn’s car?

The SOTC Annual Meeting will be held on November 8 at the BMO Centre in London (directions found in this edition of TN). We will be social distancing in the room and wearing masks. Any SOTC member is welcome to attend but many members probably will not choose to attend because of Covid 19. We will hopefully plan some events for 2021 so that things will get back to some type of normality. Some executive positions are finishing their 2 year term and we will be looking to fill those positions again. We are still looking for an Eastern Coordinator so if you are interested in filling that position, let me know. The job is not very onerous. For the newsletter, Thunder News, we are always looking for articles that would be of interest to Thunderbird Enthusiasts, so why not consider submitting an article to me, Ron McLennan or Ken Campbell.

                                         Bird Bits

Allegheny Ludlum, a specialty metals company located near Pittsburgh, placed 3 stainless cars up for auction: a 1960 Thunderbird, a 1936 Ford Tudor Touring Sedan and a 1966/1967 Lincoln Continental. The cars crossed the auction block in Auburn, Indiana as a single lot of 3 cars with no reserve on Sept. 5 2020 and sold for $1,045,000 US. In the 30’s, Allegheny envisioned cars built from stainless steel. They stamped out 6 1936 Ford bodies  Then in 1960 they again stamped out 2 Thunderbird coupes out of T302 stainless and 6 years later collaborated  to build 3 Lincoln Continental convertibles.

In an article from the 1995 magazine Cars and Parts, the US government claims do-it-yourselfers dump an estimated 120 million gallons of used motor oil into sewers, landfills, and burn another 305 million gallons obviously polluting the environment. Some local governments began to take corrective measures. In Dayton, Ohio, it was illegal to change the oil in your car, even in your own garage at your private residence. I can imagine the outcry from the citizens of Dayton, Ohio regarding this ordinance.
October 2020
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