Founded in 1979......

The Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club was born out of a group of Ford Thunderbird enthusiasts who felt a need
for a social aspect to their car hobby passion and so the SOTC was born.  For years the various Thunderbird clubs
in the United States and Canada only supported and recognized the 1955 to 1957 Thunderbirds to the exclusion
of the later models, a move that some felt was discriminatory or elitist.

The SOTC was formed initially as a Club for Thunderbird owners that were built between 1958 and 1966 which had become 4 seat Thunderbirds a substantially larger version than their 2 seat cousins the "Baby Birds" or "Little Birds".

As time moved forward the SOTC, through some forward thinking members, decided not
to fall into an exclusive Club that the Classic Thunderbird Club of Ontario had become. 
The Club Executive, in their wisdom, decided to open our doors to Thunderbirds 20 years
and older.  In time and with the realization that you could not exclude the newer cars,
because eventually a Car Club like the Classic Thunderbird Club would wither and die.

As the Baby Bird owner's club members aged and sold their Baby Birds or passed them
on to their heirs, who had no interest in them they likewise sold them off to the highest
bidders with many of the cars going to the United States. With all years of Thunderbirds
being cherished, restored and collected, it was felt that the Club needed to be flexible and include "ALL THUNDERBIRD" models as both an inclusive and preservation move to
ensure that a Thunderbird Club would be there for the future owners of these magnificent automobiles.  "We are just the caretakers for future generations of Thunderbird owners."

Today the Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club is the largest single group of Thunderbird owners in any region (Ontario) in the World with  250 plus paid members and approximately 600 cars registered.
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