This page is available to anyone wishing to advertise and sell their Thunderbird. There is no charge for SOTC members who
wish to advertise their Thunderbird for sale.

Non-Members Listings will be accepted on a fee for use basis.
      (1) The fee for listing a non-member car will be $50.00 paid in advance, for a period of 3 months.
            Funds should be made out to: Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club.
      (2) Ads will be removed after 3 months unless the seller contacts the webmaster to renew the ad and pay the fee in advance.
      (3) It is the responsibility of the seller to provide information using the SOTC Advertising Form. along with sellers car 
            images, and emailed to Club President Ron McLennan -  Seller's images, (5 maximum)  are            
            to have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (images from your phone are not acceptable)

How it Works:
      (1) The SOTC Advertising Form must be used by both club members and non members wishing to sell the vehicle
      (2) We will post the completed SOFT Advertising Form containing all sellers pertinent information on the SOTC website.
            Images (max 5) of sellers TBird will also be posted on the SOFT website with a link to the sellers TBird information.
      (2) We will only list drivable cars for sale. We will not knowingly publish ads for cars that you do not legally own.
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SOTC Advertising Form