August  2019
Summer is rolling along nicely and the days are getting SHORTER. I hope many of you have had your Birds out to the various
activities and cruise nights in your area. People viewing the cars are very interested in Thunderbirds and their uniqueness. So brag
about them. We here in London tend to brag about how great the Thunderbird is to the Chevrolet guys. Good fun.

SOTC’s Annual All Thunderbird Show was held in Lambeth on July 14 and you can read about it in this edition of Thunder News.
Thank you to Ken & Anne Campbell, Al Yull, Paul & Sally Royka, Barry Carson, Donna McLennan, Dan & Gayle Johnston, Cass
Simons for pulling off this fabulous show.

Maybe some of you (maybe not) have wondered where I get the tidbits of information for the section Bird Bits. I am not alone in
this. I have our past president Cass Simons to thank because he feeds me those interesting tid bits. Thank you Cass.
Our website continues to be a good resource for information especially the section on TBirds For Sale. I talked to one member
who has his car advertised and he stated that a person who was interested in buying his car saw the ad on our website. If you are
thinking of selling your car and want it on the website, there is a downloadable form you fill out and then forward to me along with
up to 5 pictures. If you have problems with it, then contact me directly and I will help you out. Also, if you want to advertise your
car in Thunder News do not use the form from the website. Simply write your information about the car using Word program or
some other suitable program, save it to your documents and forward it along with the saved attachment to our editor Bob Ranick.
If you have trouble with that part then write your ad in an email message to Bob and he will be glad to type it up in a format for
Thunder News.

Sadly I must inform the members of the passing of Harry Hutt. He has been a member since 2011 and came from Eastern Canada
to find a home in Chatham along with his wife Tena. Harry first owned a 2004 Merlot TBird and recently he purchased and sold his
1956 Bird. Someone told me that Harry was a wealth of information about Thunderbirds. Harry moved to Burlington Area and had
been in failing health. His wife passed away, recently in June.
                              Bird Bits
There is a restoration shop in Milton ON specializing in restoration and sale of the DeLorean. Produced from 1981-2, it was
featured in the movie Back To The Future. For buyers, the shop will not complete a car until the buyer puts down a deposit. The
hardest part to find is the left front quarter panel. Before going out of business, the factory made a double run of the right panel
but not the left. A British panel beater, specializing in the DeLorean, travels the world as needed. The shop owner says that this is
his passion. “We left logic behind a long time ago.” (source: Globe and Mail)
At the April auction in Toronto, a 1955 Shay car was offered. This is a kit car copying a 1955 T-bird. From a distance it looked
genuine but seemed different close up. Has anyone seen one before? 
Best Regards, Ron